Purpose Driven Yoga

Radical Interdisciplinary Yoga Education

Radical Interdisciplinary Yoga Education

for children and their adults

for children and their adults.


Ways to Stay Rooted with Us

Discover ways to connect more deeply with Great Spirit while taking radical and revolutionary actions towards balancing + empowering your WHOLE self and community. Whether you’re interested in 1-1 or group exploration, check out how we can support your journey to #stayrootedyall.

For those who experience the disconnect between standard education models and “whole person’s” health.

Together we will raise a conscious generation where all people are empowered to self-regulate their bodies, brains and breath in order to co-regulate in community.

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Lynell guides leaders, big and small, to discover what is it that helps them to #stayrootedyall 

Her mission is to be of service to her communities by sharing her gifts and abilities, in hopes that it encourages others to do the same.

She has traveled the world serving, teaching and learning from people of all ages and backgrounds about diverse topics in Western and Eastern societies.

Namaste, I'm Lynell!