What's Your Purpose Driven Yoga?

Let’s check in, human-to-human. This helps us get to know one another and decide if our programs are a good fit for you and/or your community.  

Yoga Education - Private & Small Group Classes

Infant & Toddler

  • Explore yoga and the natural world through play, sensory exploration, music, stories and games. 
  • Develop fine & gross motor skills, body awareness, social skills, and coregulation. 
  •  Appropriate for infants on the move – 2 years old  + a caregiver. (30-45 min)

Preschool & School Age

  • Age / developmentally appropriate mind-body explorations – storytelling, poses, breathing, relaxation, games, music, meditation.
  • Practice fine and gross motor movements, sharpen body awareness and focus, practice emotional regulation, group social skills mindfulness, and more. 
  • Appropriate for ages 3-10, with or without caregivers present. (45-60 min)

Tweens & Teens

  • Deepen mind-body-breath-personal power connection through slightly more challenging yoga explorations, in a laid-back & interactive setting.
  • Individual, partner and group activities, social-emotional learning, body & mindfulness practices, social skills and real world applications.
  • Developmentally appropriate for ages 11-20, according to human development. (60-75 min)


  • Cultivate a deeper awareness of your mind-body-breath connection through flow based hatha yoga
  • Improve and explore alignment unique to your body and find comfort in your postures and breath
  • Live music accompaniment add-on available for private & semi-private sessions (60-90 min)

Professional Development & Wellness

Ignite or continue your yoga education to support your professional wellness journey. Build your own professional development track for you and your team, or take an existing course.

 Continue your education in childhood yoga education to support your professional wellness journey. Build your own professional development track or take an existing course.

Professional Development Workshops

Workshops oriented to teach professionals who work with children culturally and professionally relevant implementations of Children’s Yoga and Social Emotional Learning.

We co-create a PD/Workshop that is unique to your community’s goals and challenges (toddlers – adolescence). Curriculum Development Add-on available.


Professional Wellness Retreats

Instead of another meeting, schedule an in-house (or out-of-house) retreat for the educators and professionals in your organization to relax and unwind mindfully.

Choose what elements of self-care are important to your community, and we will facilitate a holistic experience with useful exercises to incorporate into everyday life.

Earn a 40 hour Children's Yoga Teacher Certificate

This training covers:

Introducing Children to Mindfulness: Understand the foundations of mindfulness + its importance in cultivating self-awareness, focus, and present-moment engagement.

Emotional Intelligence Education: Learn emotional intelligence and its significance in a child’s overall development. Learn strategies to help children identify, understand, and manage their emotions effectively through yoga and mindfulness practices.

Childhood Development: Learning the unique needs and stages of childhood development (birth-adolescence) is vital for effective teaching. Gain insights into age-appropriate yoga practices and techniques tailored to the developmental milestones of children.

Trauma-Informed Facilitation: Learn trauma-informed approaches to ensure a nurturing environment for children who have experienced trauma. Recognize signs of trauma and adapt yoga practices to support healing and resilience in children.

Supporting Learning Exceptionalities: Enhance the inclusivity and accessibility of yoga for children with diverse learning exceptionalities. We provide tools and strategies to adapt yoga practices, making them accessible and beneficial for children with varying abilities and special needs.


Hybrid model – pre-recorded sessions + live (in-person or online) sessions + practice teach for feedback

Yoga fun for everyone. Increase your personal wellness on and off the yoga mat. Challenge your body and mind with interdisciplinary yoga classes, language classes, or a combination of the two!


Language Education

Learning a new language allows you to explore the world with confidence, widen networking and employment opportunities, as well as increase your cognitive abilities and access to world class education.

Proficiency in English is a highly sought after skill that can upgrade your offerings and connections in international settings – personally, and professionally. Whether you are looking to improve your skills to travel to an English speaking country, enhance your professional resume to compete globally, make new friends, or something else, there are many benefits in taking the leap to learn

As a native English speaker with extensive experience in language learning (Spanish, Portuguese, ASL, Mandarin Chinese & counting…), I recognize that having fun and engaging in real life scenarios make a huge difference in how you retain information.

All classes are designed to help you gain the confidence you seek to go out into the world and communicate your truth, expertise and experiences with joy.

I am a certified English as an Additional (Foreign) Language teacher with more than a decade experience teaching in international public/private schools, language centers, universities and other professional settings. I am confident that together, we can define and achieve your goals to communicate effectively in English. 

Improve your vocabulary, grammar and conversational skills through reading, writing, speaking and listening exercises. Together, we will explore the interconnectedness of language, culture and community – and most importantly – why it matters to you as a global citizen. 

Ready to improve your English language skills?

Children's English

Interactive classes designed to help children learn English through play and practice.

Ideal for toddlers to teens

1:1 / Semi-private classes (30-60 min). Enrichment camps available by request.*

*Minimum 4 week commitment recommended. 

Adult English

Improve your conversation skills and/or dive deep into English Grammar.

All skill levels – Beginner to Advanced

1:1 / Semi-private ~  classes available (45-75 min)

*Minimum 4 week commitment required.

English for Professionals

Personalized classes to target the language necessary for you and your work community to thrive. 

All skill levels – Beginner to Advanced

Ideal for individuals or teams who wish to get ahead and improve customer relations.

4-12 week customizable packages available. 

Teacher's Teacher

Professional Development for non-native English teachers who wish to enhance EL instruction. 

For English teachers and teacher assistants in various educational settings around the world. 

Small group workshops. 

Schedules vary based on needs.